KAIZEN - Karatejutsu, Kobujutsu, Battojutsu, BJJ

Kaizen is a foundation to support, develop and preserve Martial Arts from Okinawa and Japan. This ensures that we inform and educate, and to organize seminars, performances, courses and trainings, and to teach instructors throughout Sweden and abroad.

The word Kaizen is Japanese and means "continuous improvement" (for the better).

We work directly and through the association KAIZEN If in Akersberga 30 km of the north from Stockholm city.


KAIZENKAN is a pure sports club for different Martial Arts (bujutsu)such as karate, kobudo and iaido where you can practice privately or in a group in your place or in our place in Akersberga.

The trainining is organized in different groups for beginners and advanced, children from about 8 years, young people and adults, girls and boys.

KAIZENKAN is also connected to Swedish Sport Confederation by membership in the Swedish Budo Martial Arts Federation, Swedish Karate Federation and Swedish Kendo Federation.

Our Instructors


Leif Hermansson

Our professional and certified instructors have after many years of training passed an exam for instructors to be approved and training moreover, all the time on both in Sweden and abroad.

Responsible for all training is soke (grand master) Leif Hermansson, 10 dan hanshi, which is one of the world's highest graduated masters in several different Martial Arts and the only one outside Japan with the highest degrees 10 dan hanshi in both karate, Okinawa kobudo and jujitsu! There are 4 international organisations for Martial Arts that grade him also to 10 dan hanshi in jujitsu!

He has trained Martial Arts and self-defence since 1963, of which more than 30 years in Japan and Okinawa, after that 1976 accepted as a student of the legendary karate and kobudomaster Motokatsu Inoue, as one of the few (5) Westerners ever been approved as pupils to him in Japan.


We teach all over the world, first and foremost in Okinawa Bujutsu as Karatejutsu and Kobujutsu and HACHIMANRYU BATTOJUTSU, MUGAIRYU IAIDO , but also self defence and close protection. In the interest, please contact with us.