Our karatejutsu is the unarmed part of Bujutsu, with tecniques from some of the greatest masters in Japan as Yasuhiro Konishi (karate, jujutsu), Gozo Shioda (aikido), Seiko Fujita (jujutsu, ninjitsu, aikijutsu and shurikenjutsu) and of course Inoue Motokatsu (karatejutsu).

Our Karatejutsu is as karate was from the beginning, made to survive in a threatening situation where we are threatened with violence, effective and realistic self-defense for both girls and boys - adults and children from about 8 years - no upper limit.

Our karate style has its roots in the style of Yuishinkai, founded by grand master Motokatsu Inoue 1948 in Japan.

Soke Leif Hermansson trained in Japan with o-sensei Inoue from the midle of 1970 to the death of master Inoue 1993, after which he searched to Okinawa, where he became a member of 3 different organizations and continued his training in the dojo with sensei Hokama (Gojuryu), Sensei Akamine (Funakoshi Shorinryu) and sensei Nakamoto (Shorinryu).

Many of the techniques derived from ancient Chinese style of Martial Arts such as "White Grane", and how to manipulate the opponent by his nerves (kyoshu-jutsu or dim mak).

Old disasters from China and Okinawa looks like a predetermined path of motion but is in fact fight in disguised movements! In our Kata training is the understanding of the content (bunkai) in a Kata more important than the performance of the movements as perfect as possible. You have to study what is old in order to better understand what is new!

Realistic and simple techniques that anyone can learn, but neither acrobatic volts or other difficult movements. You do not need to be nimble and strong, only you are motivated and can train purposefully and regularly.

Our Karatejutsu is one of the most complete Martial Arts that develops you both mentally and physically. The training will give you valuable knowledge that can be useful in an intimidating and violent situation.

The versatile and effective training includes, among others aware of the attacker's weak points, punches, kicks, blocks, take downs, throwings, locks, take away from the grips and defense against knife attacs etc.

In July 2007, when Sensei Hermansson visited Japan and Okinawa for 31 time, this time with 8 of his students from Sweden, gave sensei Hokama (10 dan hanshi) him permit to start his own style as sensei Hokama named to Shunahaku Kaizenkan karatejutsu.

The name comes from the 3 cities in Okinawa, which cover most disasters and karate styles, namely Shuri (Shu), Naha (Na) and Tomari (Haku), as sensei Hermansson has learned kata from all these areas.

At the end of July was sensei Hermansson also graduated at 10 dan in both karate and kobudo as the only person outside Okinawa and out of a total of 2 people in the world with these high grades.